Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What a weekend!

I've always wanted to run a little cafe so when Alison from Riviera Coaching asked me to do the catering for the Career and Lifestyle expo in Valbonne I jumped at the chance. As it was going to be visited by lots of Brit's I thought I should do the kind of food us Brit's do occasionally miss.  So as one of the children was coming home from boarding school for Half Term I decided to put in a sausage and bacon order to Tesco's to be delivered the day of her flying home.  It worked very well and the sausage smuggler arrived home with 150 sausages and a ton of bacon!

Luckily we had our lovely friend Nigel 'wannabe-catwalk-model' Hindle coming to stay for the weekend who actually thought he was going to sit in the sun and relax but I had other ideas! He made a perfect grill chef and spent the whole weekend making bacon and sausage sandwiches, couldn't have done it without him. We also sold a mountain of cupcakes, carrot cakes and chocolate brownies and the steak, caramalised onion and mozzarella hot wraps were a huge hit along with my quiche and salads.  So a very successful fun weekend.

Next secret supper dates are coming soon but we are thinking of the weekend of 18th or 19th June and it's going to be on the beach somewhere. Just planning it at the moment and will post the date as soon as we know for definite.

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Anonymous said...

So YOU are the reason I had customs officials ask me 3 separate times if I was bringing back sausages from England last weekend.
Hope violating the law was worth it.
People like you should be barred from traveling internationally,