Supper Clubs
Please email us to be on the mailing list - we will email you if anyone cancels and we will let you know when we have put up new dates on the blog so that you can book in.

Send an email to book an please note down the following:
- Confirm the date you would like to attend.
- Confirm your name(s), emails, telephone number.
- Confirm any food allergies.
- Agree to any changes we may make on our menus.
- You may need to share a table with others, specify if you want to be sat alone or if its important to share   with others.
- You may bring your own drinks without any corkage charge.
-  We will send you the address a day or two before your booking.
- CANCELLATIONS: Please provide as much notice as possible and within 48 hours otherwise it ends up with us not being able to fill your places.

We buy fresh ingredients to make food mostly on the day or in some cases - it has to made the night before and it is all calculated by bookings. We can not buy most of our food at cost price as we are NOT a restaurant and can not order enough - so therefore, our costs are very high.

Food Allergies/ Dislikes:
Please inform us if you have any so that we do not put that element in your dish but as we may have the element in question in the kitchen so there may be a chance of cross contamination.

Private Catering
We usually ask for 40% at the time of booking, a further 40% two weeks befor the event date and then the balanceon the day of the party.